At Eco Signs, we recognise that it requires a long-term commitment to minimise the impact of our products on the environment and contribute to a safe and sustainable world.

We pursue a policy of continuous improvement and are committed to use our product offering to make a positive contribution and to support customer and end user sustainability goals.

As part of our sustainability commitment we will:

  • Focus on our innovative UK supply chain.
  • Increase availability of recycled products across our range.
  • Work with partners to collect offcuts and wasteand support development of a closed loop solution for new recycled products.

Our material range contains a mixture of recycled products and virgin substrates developed for their superior technical properties.

Unlike single use plastics, our materials combine unique application properties to offer long term solutions to help solve many problems and create a safer environment for all of us to enjoy.


Our products help to shape a greener, brighter and safer world…
all products are manufactured and produced with the environment in mind.
  • Over 90% of our products are 100% recyclable.
  • Over 80% of our products are manufactured in the UK – reducing lifecycle mileage and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • We use optimisation software to ensure every order is cut efficiently to minimise wastage.
  • Long life span – many products offer a 10 year warranty saving resources and reducing product replacements.

As well as our range of recycled products, we believe that in many applications the benefits of a material with a long lifespan can outweigh the impact of a recycled product that requires regular replacements.

We take pride in our technical knowledge and all Eco staff are available to discuss the various material options available to you, including:

  • products manufactured with 100% recycled materials – creating a new life for waste materials.
  • materials that themselves can be 100% recycled.
  • unique application benefits
  • high fire ratings for installations requiring certain safety specifications.
  • unique application benefitsl.
    • impact resistant plastics up to 200 times stronger than glass.
    • materials requiring food contact approva

Information about your building and equipment can be accessed at the EcoPod Care Team information point, located in the kitchen.

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