Caring for your Eco Pod building

Your building has been designed, manufactured and installed to the highest possible standards. To ensure you get the most out of your building for the duration of the hire, we encourage you to carry out regular maintenance checks.


Please check gutters regularly for obstructions

Please use self tapping or expanable rubber cavity anchor fixings if you need to attach anything to the wall 

Please keep blinds clean and dust free 

Please vacuum carpets tiles regularly

Please apply silicone luricant to window runners if windows are rarely opened

Please periodically clean external surfaces with a mild detergent

Do not

Do not cover the wall heaters with clothing
or funiture

Do not dispose of paper towels or other foreign objects through the drainage pipes

Do not stick carpet or carpet tiles to the vinyl floor covering

Do not cut holes into wall or roof sections

Do not smoke inside the building

Please note

The changing of consumables, like lightbulbs, is the hirer’s responsibility

All external pipework should be sufficiently protected against freezing in cold weather conditions

Please contact your Eco Pod Care Team for permission  before making any alterations to your building

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